Round 3D established name sign

Hardwood & Lace

$ 30.00



This workshop is for a handmade family established wood sign- perfect to hang in your home, or give as a wedding gift. The Letters On this Sign are 3D, not painted like our other signs but cut out of wood and then Mounted to the background giving the letters a 3D effect. They really stand out!


This custom round family name sign is hand crafted and measures 18".


When you arrive to the studio you will receive your round sign, 3D name, 3D established as well as any design you have added on. You will select your stain/paint colors and an instructor will walk you through each step along the way. Within 3 hours you will leave with your finished sign, ready to be displayed in your home!


Please note the fonts are pre selected as shown in the example photo.


Please select your character amount from the options box. Each character is $4. I discounted and included the "est." and "year" characters in the base price- so just select the number of letters in your last name and select an additional character if you would like to add a design.


For example:


If your last name is "Ivey" and you would like to add a cactus then you would select 5 characters. 4 for your last name and 1 for the cactus.


When you checkout, please include the following in the notes:


- Last Name:

- Established Date:

-Design element (example: cactus)


Workshop location:


Hardwood & Lace

6124 W HWY 290

Austin, TX